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  • Lisa Duquette

    Such a cute idea! Start 2013 off with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. On new years eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year.

  • Talitha Ohls

    A memory jar! Add to it all year, then read together on New Year's Eve. craft

  • Lindsey Frym

    DIY Memory Jar: Jot down fun memories throughout the year and then on New Years Eve reflect on what a great year it has been!

  • Lindsay Gaynor

    This is an awesome idea that I saw on FB via "Crossing solitary paths": Everytime something good happens in your life, write it down and put it in a jar. Even small things. On newyears eve you open the jar and read all the good things that happened the past year. A great way to remember the year that has been! You can do this with birthdays - schoolyears or difficult periods to go trough. Just to remember that there is always a good in this world happening to you, even in the darkest times.

  • Danielle Johnston

    Neat Idea!! "Memory jar! -- We keep this vintage pale blue canning jar on the kitchen counter with a stack of colorful paper and a marker. Every few days, one of us will jot down something that made our family laugh or smile. On New Year’s Eve, we’ll be emptying out the jar, unfolding each paper and reading them one by one. Next year, a new jar to begin again — and the best part is we can bring out past jars anytime to remember the little things that shaped our lives. A memory jar is more fun than a journal – as anyone in the family can contribute to it. The best is when one of us secretly writes memory and quietly slips it into the jar. I can’t wait to read some of the notes my kids have written all year long"

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This is what I'm doing for 2015.. Every good memory I make I write n put in the jar and for every bad day I put a 1$.. N at the end of the year I'll see how many good n bad days I had!

Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. On New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year.

Throught the year get everyone in the family or If your single just yourself to write down good things as they happen during the year and place in the jar so on New Years Eve you can open it a read all the things that were great about your year

Ticket Memory Jar...great idea. I have ticket stubs all over the place, stuffed in drawers, coat pockets, my wallet. I just can't throw them away! This is genius..just find a jar and throw them in. Love IT!

DIY Balloon-Diped Mason Jars!! Change up the color for any holiday or party. Takes five minutes tops!!

How To Jump Start a Car FREE Printable : this would be good to print and keep w/ jumper cables!

Sand from beach travels:) I wish I thought of this YEARS ago... Guess I'll have to travel back to some of the amazing places I have been :)

DIY school memory book @Cassie Bruce Creighton, you may wanna go ahead and start doing this, especially since Killjoy started Pre-School today!

ANNIVERSARY A balloon for each year married with a memory tied to it! (i need to remember this)

Housewarming Gift in a Jar- I basically love anything in a jar. :)