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Too Cute!

Butt Station Tape Dispenser, Pen & Memo Holder, Paper Clip Storage, Green by Kito Design

Previous Pinner: Please don't show my husband this or it truly will take him forever to do his business.

Toilet Lounge Chair

I bet a man came up with this design. Who wants somebody going to the bathroom in the family room? Who wants a lounge chair in the bathroom? The sanitation factor on this is a nightmare.

Wow! Just wow! I think I may need this!

Pink Keyboard Desktop Organizer From The Pink Superstore, This 6 in one Keyboard is an amazing desktop organizer and keyboard in one. I wish it was any other color but pink.

Cool Inventions

Cool Inventions

Cool Inventions except the hands holding the baby.that's creepy! I would need that brush though

Love the hand warmers!!!

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so cuuuuuute ! Pawsitively Bemused Mug

Pawsitively Bemused Mug. this black, cat-paw-shaped mug in hand. My coffee mug / tea cup collection wants this and doesn't want this.I can't decide if I should put my foot down or not thehehe cough

I need one of these... Isn't this really unusual, a pen, pencil, post-it-notes and tape holder!!

The Butt Station

The butt station desk organizer is always a fun and unique item to add to a workspace!

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