Ruffle cupcakes

Nice frosting / Red Velvet with White Chocolate Cupcakes - love the white chocolate ombre ruffle frosting!

Tipos de acabados

Five easy techniques for Tip Top Cupcakes using buttercream icing. Check our website for hundreds of other decorating techniques. From Wilton- tons of cupcake & frosting directions

Champagne cupcakes!

Sparkling Champagne Cupcakes

Té Alta Sociedad

♔ Rose In Chocolate - Ricotta Cream In Chocolate Basket recipe From: Yoli, please visit Translate Option Available

Cupe cake with ribbon | via Tumblr

Pretty Pink Yummy Dessert Cupcakes With Edible Candy! Looks yummy and pretty in pink too!

La revista Vida dulce

Sweet Living magazine

Tartas, Galletas Decoradas y Cupcakes: Decoración Mangas y Boquillas

♡❤ ❤♡ ❥How to pipe a rose cupcake. Could also use royal icing and make roses for a cake.

These new born birds. | 30 Animal Cupcakes Too Cute To Eat

Bird’s Nest Cupcakes are very cute Easter cupcakes. Fun and festive cupcakes look very interesting, made like a nest with cute, little birds siting on top of

21 Unusual Cupcake Flavors You've Gotta Try!

21 Unusual Cupcake Flavors You've Gotta Try!

So prettty.....this would be great for a wedding, to have gradient colored icings on a huge table full of cupcakes.

How pretty are these , edible, pretty, edible pretty