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“I am doing this for my Mother who earned 3 pounds 10 shillings for working a forty hour week in a weaving shed." - Sir Patrick Stewart --- Can I also add that he's an anti-domestic violence advocate. Love him!

Ashley Kolodner - “GAYFACE” an activism-motivated photography project that “celebrates sex, freedom of identity, freedom of association, and culture,” lending beautifully captured faces to the gay rights movement. #LGBT #Equality #GayFace

Week 4: 3b.) A true relationship must be based on trust, equality, and the rights of the individual. Torvald and Nora never had this true relationship because Torvald never allowed Nora to be equal to him. The issue of them being equal to one another restrained the possibility of them ever having proper trust and a proper relationship.

Pitch Perfect. Rebel Wilson. I wish I had a dollar for every time we use this quote in Ladies practice - I would be able to afford college without loans!!! <3

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Aziz Ansari's Awesome Gay Marriage Comment

"At this point, why is anyone against gay marriage? These are the same people that didn't want women to vote, blacks guys to play football...."(click to read on) Right On, Aziz Ansari...and he's a hilarious comedian

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Time to Laugh

It's Time to Laugh! This quote about flat squirrels is hilarious. For more funnies, visit the blog.

YES, THANK YOU!!! See? Don't judge his music because you prefer another genre. I listen to Skillet, Mayday Parade, and Simple Plan for crying out loud! Just give him a break....