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If you’re too cheap to install an actual hot tub on your porch, look toward getting an inflatable hot tub spa. This inflatable spa can hold up to four people, and will most certainly relax your tired muscles after a long day of being awesome. Buy It $574.00 via Amazon.com

Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

Portable Spa - Inflatable Hot Tub - a movable backyard hot tub at a fraction of the price of a built-in spa!

I've also seen these marketed as "Cowboy" hot tubs, but the principle is the same. They are powered by an external wood fire that heats coils connected to the tub.  The difference in temperature then causes convection to circulate the water, bringing cool water in for heating and hot water out into the tub.  While slow, they are quiet, lack many parts (moving or otherwise) to service and can be used "off the grid". I suppose you could also make epic amounts of soup.    Translated: A…

This Dutch tub is the inspiration for the heating unit Andrew is building for our hot tub

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I must have a waterfall even if it is man made.this would be lovely. If I can get a place with a natural waterfall nearby that would be even better! Backyard Oasis with hot tub and waterfall pool

Building a House on Limited Means: Low-cost House-Building For People on a Budget

Another great article- Building a House on Limited Means: Low-cost House-Building For People on a Budget

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Hot Tubs is a nice way to improve outdoor living spaces and add more pleasure to busy lifestyle. Hot Tubs is a large bath or a small pool that is equipped electrically to sprout jets of water and air bubbles… Continue Reading →

There will be many companies around you who claim that they can make your pool or spa a lavish corner with remarkable themes and accessories etc. For more details please visit: http://poolrenovationservice.wordpress.com/2012/12/14/how-to-choose-right-pool-and-spa-builders/

Visit our Hot Spring Hot Tub Photo Gallery and get ideas on swim spa and austin hot tub installations. Large hot tub inventory for immediate delivery!

outside jacuzzi

i'm thinking our deck eventually needs this. amelia would live in the hot tub.