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I am an animal lover and believe that animals should be treated respectably as if they are also humans. However, I also know that I'm not the only animal lover in this world and people want to see these animals in there natural habitats

Animal lovers understand perfectly. #adopt #resuce #nhspca #loveanimals

Rescue Quote (when people get that holy crap you are telling me you have 11 cats in your house right now permanent residents)

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original pinner: The Rainbow Bridge Poem. In honor of our dear Cocoa. My heart aches for you. I have missed you really bad today. I'm adding: dedicated to Snowy, Mercedes dog in heaven. U'll see ur dog again-Mari

My dogs are all that to me and I will be all that to them.

Before my dog died I read a quote very similar to this. This quote changed my mind and I wouldn't change that moment for a thing.

#rescuedog #dog #itsarescuedoglife

We live our lives as if Nothing is a Miracle. Dogs live their lives as if Everything is a Miracle.Com ~ One of the many wonderful things about dogs. Sometimes I wish I was a dog. No that's not true - I wish I was a dog all the time!