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I just had to pin it. Buddy better watch out for Peeta.

Hunger Games/Beauty and the Beast

peeta and katniss | Peeta&Katniss - Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen Fan Art (30755333 ...

fact submitted by ohmyguard this is the new template, i couldn’t find the old one when i was sure that when i got my new laptop everything got transferred over, but apparently not. so, let me know what you think about the new template. (: and look! no epilepsy-inducing tag.

This painting is inspired by the quote from the book "Mockingjay", the third in Suzanne Collins' best selling Hunger Games series.


Whoever puts together the highlights has to choose which story to tell. This year, for the first time, they make it a love story. I know Peeta and I won, but a disproportionate amount of time is spent on us, right from the beginning. I’m glad, though, because it supports the whole crazy-in-love thing that’s my defence for defying the Capitol, plus it means we won't have much time to linger over the deaths.

"Haymitch. How do you think he won the Games?" I say. Peeta considers this quite a while before he answers. Haymitch is sturdily built, but no physical wonder like Cato or Thresh. He's not particularly handsome. Not in the way that causes sponsors to rain gifts on you. And he's so surly, it's hard to imagine anyone teaming up with him. There's only one way Haymitch could have won, and Peeta says it just as I'm reaching this conclusion myself. "He outsmarted the others," says Peeta.

I realize only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies.

Am I the only person who heard the quote in my head while gazing at this?