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Usually not one to go off the traditional look with my hair, but I think I could handle a more blueish tone such as this, and like it!

16 Boho Twisted Hairstyles and Tutorials

« N'oubliez pas que je ne peux pas voir qui je suis, et que mon rôle se limite à être celui qui regarde dans le miroir. » Jacques Rigaut.

My favourite colour is turquoise it reminds me of the beautiful water at sunset and on hot days here in Australia such a tranquil colour

Ok I'm gonna be hinest right now I lied about being 16 I'm actually 1602... My mom had me along time ago and my dad died 1598 years ago... Not 6 months ago... I'm sorry I lied I just it's hard to tell the truth when all anyone ever tells you is lies.. I just tell people I'm mostly human so people don't freak out but it's just not the truth... It's hard telling people I knew there ancestors...

Feathers aren't exactly branchy but they do spread out and split up. Looking at close-up pictures of feathers does something to my brain. It's just so beautiful.

Happy Holidays to Miss Millionairess & Company and to all the pinners on Pinterest. May this holiday season bring you joy, peace, and love~ Miss Millionairess