Embroidered Baroque (1620) doublet; a male version of the more common woman's Jacobean jacket. I am shaking my head at the quintessential Baroque wackiness of this thing--it's fantastic!

Skirt (probably from the wardrobe of Orsolya Dersffy) c.1610 (detail zoom!)

Doublet, 1620

Chopines 1650, Italian, Made of silk

This dress is known as the Valdemar Slot Gown. The fabric is moss green silk brocade with real gold threads, dating from 1695-1700

Handmade Maltese silk lace, triangular-shape shawl, c.1860

17th century wedding period costume

Pink silk brocade robe a la Francaise (1770-1780), from the Tasha Tudor Historic Costume Collection

Dress, Coats And Jackets, Retro Style, Black Embroidered, Clothes Upstyled, Embroidered Wool, Wool Coats, Embrodiery Coats

Purse, UK, ca. 1680

Frockcoat, late 18thC. France, wool. Navy blue, collar, cuffs and skirts embroidered with cream silk "point Beauvais" garlands of pearls and flowers, embroidered buttons. Coutau-Bégarie

Elizabethan men's doublet, red and gold velvet, slashed sleeves, silk brocade lining and 84 buttons! Made by Angela Mombers

cavalier doublet

fripperiesandfobs: Baroque costume from La Comedie-Francaise...

When grooms could be as beautifully dressed as their brides: embroidered silk wedding suit, 1766 From the Royal Armory and Hallwyl Museum. This suit could serve just as well at court.

A woman's bodice made from green silk; c 1660, Unknown


YES! Virgin Wool and Lambskin Asymmetrical Jacket

Cloak belonging to Marketa Lobkowicz, c. 1617. Mikulov Museum.