Christian Graniou


Christian Graniou, Venice

Christian Graniou

Watercolor Landscapes by Pantelis D. Zografos. This artist does his watercolors in a rather "tight" manner, which I usually do not appreciate as much as a more "loose" treatment. However I have to say that I like his work very much!! Beautiful color clarity!!!

Christian Graniou

'Pyrennees Shutters' by Eric Thompson

Stan Miller

Watercolor by Christian Graniou/France

Christine Lindstrom "Fragile"

Gaétane Lessard WATERCOLOR

Beautiful watercolor by Alfaro Castagnet with lots of contrast. Be brave and go dark!

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Igor Sava (watercolor painting)

Eric Christensen - Watercolor Paintings - Judith Hale Gallery

Igor Sava - Venice #watercolor jd

Saatchi Online Artist: stephen zhang; Watercolor, Painting "Venice Alleys No. 1"


Long Roses ~~Sofia Perina Miller

Ken Potter California Watercolor Gallery

Creating 3-D Form with Value