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Homemade Mamas: Homemade Air Freshener 2 cups hot water cup baking soda (as we've mentioned before, baking soda is great for removing odors) cup lemon juice (bottled - even expired! - works fine too)

OMG we are going to do this! Making your own foam soap.. $4.00 for a year's supply, gotta try this!

DIY Foaming Soap Refill - Fill B dispenser bottle with regular hand soap. Fill the remaining with hot water. Shake well to mix.

Carpet cleaner. I used it and it works very well. You'd think with the peroxide that it would bleach the carpet out, but I was at that point with my carpet (it needs to be replaced but we don't have the $$$) where it didn't matter either way. It works! Then I went over it with my steam mop. My carpet definitely looks better!!!

DIY Carpet Stain remover Fill a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and handful of baking soda. Shake it up and spray on carpet stains, upholstery stains, and clothing stains. pinner said, "I've used it for years and it works better than anything else.

How To Make Homemade Air Freshener Like Febreeze

Homemade Febreze- Ingredients -Water Tbsp Baking Soda cup Liquid Fabric Softener -Spray Bottle Instructions: Pour fabric softener and baking soda into spray bottle Fill the rest of the bottle with hot water. Shake to mix.

New Life For Old Cookie Sheets . . . Again.

How To Clean Your Flat Iron So It Looks Like New

New life for old cookie sheets , baking pans cupcake pans! This is totally needed! Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda.No scrubbing, just pour on and wait.

How to Make a Simple & Naturally Scented Fabric Softener which even works for HE appliances (dilute the product with warm water).

How to Make a Simple & Naturally Scented Fabric Softener

How to Make Homemade Fabric Softener- with natural ingredients & scents. cups of Epsom salt or course sea salt drops of your favorite essential oil or blend of scents cup baking soda -A container with a tightly fitting lid -A marker

~Homemade OxyClean~1 C. water + 1/2 C. hydrogen peroxide + 1/2 C. baking soda. MIX together. SOAK laundry in it for 20 minutes to overnight; then wash as usual.

I've used this ratio of 1 cup water - cup hydrogen peroxide - baking soda with great success on a white duvet! Homemade OxyClean recipe from The Grocery Cart Challenge 1 cup water cup hydrogen peroxide cup baking soda


Homemaking for the Five Senses: Smell

Peppermint Room Spray 2 cups hot water, 2 T. baking soda, drops of peppermint essential oil - Combine hot water and baking soda. Stir until dissolved. Add in the peppermint oil. Place in a re-purposed spray bottle and use liberally whenever a room

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5 Homemade Fabric Softeners

Homemade Fabric Softener Ingredients: 6 cups water 3 cups white vinegar 2 cups hair conditioner Directions: Mix water, vinegar, and hair conditioner in a 1 gallon container; Do not shake it; it will cause foaming.

use a coffee filter to hold baking soda for a fridge odor absorber

use a coffee filter to hold baking soda for a DIY fridge odor absorber, and make that box of bkg soda last longer