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I had lots of different kinds of clips; koala, bears, santa and even a kitten.

Remember these? Feather clips

Clip-On Koalas...

chinese jump rope... Look Jo!!!

...can't believe we wore these!

we never wore shoes back in those days - and I still hate wearing shoes!

Remember these shirts? 80's fashion

Loved it

Banana Clips

Feathered roach clips for your hair or rearview mirror...

Ahh the roach clip hair feather.. I think state fairs around the country were kept profitable by the sale of these

Garbage candy. Can't believe I forgot about these. #1980's

Loved these!

AWESOME 80s Toys

Reminiscing my 80s Toys! :)

Banana clips

I think I wore mine out

Had these!

Toy pots and pans - Cacharritos

vintage game card Old Maid - I remember it well!

I had one of each giga nano and tamagotchi I loved my giga and nano the best I even clipped them on my belt loops and pocketbooks, I still even look for them in old boxes every now and then