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Greek Figurine in White Marble by GreekMythos on Etsy, $97.50 Sun San piscesandfishes

White Marble Cycladic Idol piscesandfishes GreekMythos

Cycladic figurine, The "cup bearer".... What? The man is sitting down enjoying some damn good beverage

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Butterfly wall art sculpture Flutter Set of fifteen porcelain butterflies with antique lace embroidery and sterling silver wire details

Marble female figure ,Early Cycladic II ,2600-2400 BC -The recognition of distinct artistic personalities in Cycladic sculpture is based upon recurring systems of proportion and details of execution. The stylization of the human body that is elegant almost to the point of mannerism is characteristic of the Bastis Master.

anadolu uygarlıklarına ait idoller - Google'da Ara

anadolu uygarlıklarına ait idoller - Google'da Ara

Steatopygous female figure [Cycladic] (1972.118.104) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art