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    Smart DIY Melted Crayon Art Project Adding Color To Any Decor [Video Included]

  • Janet Wolke

    Melted Crayon Art canvas, 64 count & 24 count box of crayons (or more if you are sticking with a specific set of colors) and hot glue. 1. Using a high heat glue gun, thoroughly glue all of the crayons selected to be used according to the taste of your color scheme to the top of the canvas with the tips pointing downward and let this dry for few minutes. 2. Set the crayon canvas tilted up at an angle in the hot sun/heat source to allow the crayons to soften up a bit. 3. Setting the canvas underneath some paper bags at an angle, use a blow drier to help melt and guide the melted crayons down the canvas (this will be the most time consuming)....once completed, hang as it is or if you really love it...have it framed!

  • Viv Gilbey

    DIY Crayon rainbow pic. Glued crayons melted with a hairdryer

  • Angela Dore

    Melted Crayon Art - I'd go with a few colours to match the room rather than the rainbow, great idea!

  • Devan Pommerening

    DIY Melted Crayon Art {tutorial} kids room idea maybe

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Crayon Art- Ok I attempted crayon art this past weekend. the blow dryer was not fabulous, but it could have been the dryer only worked on low. however, I took a woodburning tool, held it to the end of the crayon, and perfect drips were accomplished.

The crayons are lined up along the edge and melted on a foam board using a heat gun. Specific heat is applied for the desired outcome of several defined drips. There is direct dripping from the crayon pieces that extends through the lower third of the board, with some drips extending all the way to the bottom. Wrappers are left on this piece to emphasized the melting of the crayons.

Sunburst Melted Crayon Art by thecakefashionista on Etsy This would look so great in my room!!! Maybe with and orange/yellow/ red pattern or a blue/green/purple one.

melted crayon art - ooh I like this one better than the rainbow one

Chevron Melted Crayon Art •Customizable• This is something even I could do…..hmm

An even better way to do the melted crayon craft for kid's rooms!

Rainbow Melted Crayon Art by Artist Mallorie Mae. For Sale on Etsy. To see more of this artist's work visit her website at

A boy in my class a couple years ago gave these as little Valentines made out of melted crayons. He said, "For Crayon Out Loud, Happy Valentine's Day"... could also say, "You COLOR my world!" Use silicone cups to melt them in. baha love it<--- so cute, I have to remember this for dusty!!