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many textures, cactus and succulents with some verticality in non-succulents in rusty container

My son and I have been talking about creating a miniature garden. This is great inspiration!

How to garden in a tiny yard... Oh my goodness, these are cement mixing trays (Home Depot) & they are about $14 each. I have one as my duck's pool. :)

so cute - the miniature principle. tiny things are adorable

diy-fairy-garden I love the use of stone for walkways!

tiny moss garden with one snowdrop ...lovely

Plant tulip bulbs in November then forget about them until the following Spring. After they've flowered allow them to dry out, lift them shaking off any excess soil and store in a paper bag in a dry, dark place. Plant them again the following Autumn. This way bulbs can last years!

It's a fairy garden in a container!!!!

fairy gardens or miniature gardens can be made just about anywhere. Great use of a conifer to bring it all together