Dr Pepper Cupcakes!

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Key Lime Cupcakes-could be done with any flavor combo

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Smores Chocolate Cookies. Seriously. unique-crafts

so cute!!!

ADORABLE!! Cutest cupcake topper ever... use a mini reese's pb cup (in the wrapper) and top with icing and sprinkles... looks exactly like a mini cupcake!!

cherry coke cupcakes by annieseats

Cake Batter Ice Cream Cupcakes Recipe! This combines three of my favorite things into one super food. Ice cream Cake Batter Cupcakes = Amazing!

Cupcake Burgers -- so cute!

iPhone cupcakes!!:)

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Butterfinger cupcakes I'm sorry, I'm going to be lost in heaven for a little while. This website seriously has some of the best cupcake recipes ever

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Cupcakes, Cupcakes & more Cupcakes!

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