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Flying cars are just TWO years away, claim experts

According to Massachusetts-based Terrafugia, a full-size unmanned prototype is expected to be ready by 2018. The cars will then go on sale more widely in 2024.

Flying cars are just TWO years away, claim experts

A one-tenth scale model of the concept (pictured) is being tested at the Wright Brothers wind tunnel at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The trials will test drag, lift and thrust forces of the model

“Anyway, I have my husband and we love each other very much.” “You might lose even him,” Sissy remarked dryly. “He could also die.” “I don´t want to think about this,” said Julia in a frightened voice. “Nobody wants to think about death,” agreed Kathy.

Is THIS what air travel will look like in 2050?

#DailyMailUK ..... "They set out to predict what the future of flight could realistically be like in 40 years, creating a blended wing plane.. Wraparound virtual reality visors would display 3D films and live images would be proected onto the interior walls.".....

Never wash clothes again! Nano-structures create self-cleaning fabrics

Scientists at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, have developed a way of growing metal nano-structures on cotton that catalyse the break down of organic stains and grime.

Progress Eagle: Der neue Traum vom Fliegen

Das Konzept würde sich auch für die deutsche Vorzeige-Airline Lufthansa gut...