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    I would wear this every day

    exactly lol

    Everyone's story is different

    Childfree Bingo


    It's true! Can't sleep all night and never more tired than when it's time to get up!

    Me 2!!!

    ha I totally feel this way when I get crap food!

    Hate it!

    Anxiety Cat



    President Reagan had a DEEP understanding of our Constitution. Sadly far TOO many in office today have NO IDEA about what it actually means. Even sadder, those who DO know too often want to CHANGE it!

    Every Yorkie owner can agree.. my Yorkie is my best friend! Grab this Limited Edition tee for a short time and show the world how much you LOVE your Yorkie. :) Wear it loud, and wear it proud! :)



    The face you make when people owe you money

    You've definitely lost the enzyme that lets you digest Taco Bell. | 30 Signs You're Almost 30


    Laziness level "I ain't baking no cake" lol

    Every time I wash a spoon...

    ha! been there. done that.