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"Fluoride causes more human cancer death & causes it faster than any other chemical." ~Dr. Dean Burk, 34 years at National Cancer Institute

De Nederlanders of de Europeanen wie er ook maar verantwoordelijk is voor het onderzoek naar de crash van het vliegtuig van Malaysia Airlines zijn niet in staat het rapport naar buiten te brengen. Wat zegt dit? In mijn ogen staat de propaganda tegen Rusland haaks op de feiten. Als er al enig bewijs was voor Russische betrokkenheid zou het rapport allang naar buiten zijn gebracht

Burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid is de grootste angst van de elite De afgelopen week heb ik nauwelijks onze propagandakanalen gevolgd maar die enkele keer dat ik ze aan had staan stonden mijn tenen al na enkele minuten krom van de manier waarop essentiële zaken ontweken worden en glasharde onzin als keiharde waarheid werd weergegeven. Even werd de herdenking van de ramp met de MH-17 in Oost Oekraïne georganiseerd en uitgevoerd door de separatisten en de bevolking van dat gebied. De mensen die…

Het systeem creëert de werkelozen. Vanuit economisch standpunt worden ze gebruikt om de lonen te matigen. Je kon zien dat in de IT hoogtijdagen programmeurs wel meer dan 120 per uur kregen. Alleen concurrentie op de arbeidsmarkt kan de lonen op het peil brengen waarmee bedrijven internationaal kunnen concurreren. En in deze crisis waarbij de grenzen worden opengesteld voor goedkope werk krachten wordt weer een goedkope werkkracht gegenereerd. De redenen zijn duister. De WHO zorgt ervoor dat…

The Good News About Cancer

SwittersB & Exploringfrom SwittersB & Exploring

Moles & Malignant Melanoma

‘Malignant melanomas take the lives of more than 8,000 Americans a year, or about 13.5 percent of the people diagnosed with the disease, the Skin Cancer Foundation reports. Other forms of skin cancer are rarely fatal, although squamous-cell carcinoma can metastasize and result in death. But the situation isn’t bleak. If detected early, 99 percent of all skin cancers are curable.’

The teen who ran away from home to avoid chemo is still cancer free 20 years later

Cancer, particularly colorectal is one of the leading causes for deaths around the world. Cardamom had a positive result in counteracting colorectal cancer to an extent of 48%. It contains antimicrobial properties & is effective against cancer cells. Also it has been used to aid in bronchitis & asthma by improving blood circulation to the lungs. #dherbs #healthtips

Health Benefits of Cinnamon - Cinnamon for Type 2 Diabetes - Also benefits other things like Cholesterol - Heart - have used it for 4 years for my Diabetes

Starving Cancer to Death by Removing one Food: Refined Sugar - See more at:

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Six Easy Steps To Prevent Cancer in Your Home

6 Ways to prevent cancer in your home #Infographic

Charlotte Gerson - 91 years young daughter of the courageous healer Dr. Max Gerson. Cancelled her health insurance when she was 35 because she had never used it, and it was a waste of money, nor did she have need of it since. She continues to share her father's work with those who desperately need it. Currently curing people of cancer and many other degenerative diseases. What a legacy to leave your child, the knowledge to heal, and the compassion to share.

Cherries are a rich source of antioxidants including melatonin. The darker the color of the berry, the more nutritious & exceptional the substances, minerals, & vitamins are. Melatonin, has been shown to improve sleep, immunity & extend lifespan. A compound in cherries, perillyl alcohol stops growth of cancer cells by depriving them of proteins. Cherry stones contains B17 vitamin, which possesses a potent anti-neoplastic influence. #dherbs #healthtips

Gooseberries are significantly high in phenolic phytochemicals found to have numerous health-benefiting effects against cancer, aging neurological diseases. The berries are high in Vitamin C. Gooseberry improves growth of hair, hair skin discoloration functions as an all-natural hair strengthener. It fortifies roots of hair, retains color by feeding the roots helping avoid early greying. Gooseberry also consists of chromium providing healing in diabetes sufferers.

Nutitional needs are crucial dealing with cancer, and these are beneficial foods; beans, sprouts, flaxseed, seaweeds, onions, garlic, microalgae, Reishi & Shitake mushrooms, & cruciferous vegetables. #dherbs #healthtips

Red peppers contain 3x's as much Vitamin C & 20x's more beta carotene than the other types. Also helps fight free radical damage to your cells, making them a major health helper against cancer and heart disease. They also greatly boost the immune system, so eat them often. #dherbs #healthtips

Brazil nuts are one of nature's leading sources of SELENIUM, a vital mineral that protects your HEART. Brazil Nuts also offers CANCER-FIGHTING properties. #dherbs #healthtips