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    Good to know...How to sew a built in bra top. For low-back styles! Every girl needs this! SO NIFTY

    What to do with a backless dress? SEW THE CUPS OF A DISCOUNT BRA IN IT. Duh!

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    21 Genius Hacks for Fixing Ruined Clothes. My bras and shoes will live again!!!

    Build a Better Bust- backless bra. Para grandes escotes en la espalda, aquí tenéis una solución.

    Use two fingers to test out your bra fit. | 27 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know About.......If you can’t comfortably fit two fingers under the band of your bra, it is too tight. If you can fit your entire fist under the band, it’s too loose.

    How to Escape Zip Ties. Every girl should know this information.

    what to do with old t-shirts...perfect!

    this is really cute. i think its even cuter since it is SOOOOOOO hard 2 find a perfect fitting bustier. Solution: make your own! :)

    backless bra woah..never saw this before

    This girl does one refashion a day of awkward thrift store clothes and nails it almost every time - its so addicting to see all her re-fashions ! check it out

    Victoria's Secret will measure you to fit within the sizes they sell. But, use this guide to get the right fit and look great! I've used this technique and radically changed my bra size (smaller band, larger cups). The fit is amazing! Perky is the look! Bra Guru's Better Bra Campaign: Bra fitting

    Sally Ann: DIY Video: Sew A Bra Strap Holder Into Your Top

    tutorial for making this dress-wishes I was a seamstress.

    How to cover old flats with fabric.. what tha what?!?!


    vintage buttons necklace

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    My go-to summertime outfit. Crop tops, bold shorts and the perfect backless bra

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