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Tim Walker :: Iris Palmer and her suitcases (baggage / luggage), London, for Italian Vogue

"Adiós...Buen viaje!" Viajá con Avantrip

Bon Voyage fun Great idea - punch a hole in your club cards and put them all on a ring.

Suitcases / Quaint  Couples Photos Great Wedding photo idea #goldenlightcreative

Sail Away With Me ~ A 1930's Inspired Wedding Inspiration Shoot

cuffs and gloves. Vintage suitcases as used in a nautical travel-inspired shoot

NYC bound cartel ruta mujeres byn viaje dedo

An entry from note to self

Si entras en el baño de una casa, enseguida sabes si lo habita una mujer. Los potingues se amontonan en las estanterías, sobre la encimera del lavabo o en algún sitio bien visible – creo que …

Y ahora, ¿dónde guardo yo mis cosméticos?

vintage black and white photos Doing this with your wedding dress? i like it , the woman have make up with mirror , dress have full black with dots white in fashion photo

* wunderkammer *: Resultados de la búsqueda de maletas

-Fabulous Luggage- It took a long time to get rid of my old, tattered college Samsonite and invest in three pieces that made me look less 'hobo' and more 'jet-set.


Since the first camera, photographers have been turning the lens on themselves. Alicia Savage’s Imagined series features surreal self portraits that explore her own emotions. Surreal Self Portraits: A.


love old suitcases! someday I will have a bedroom big enough to have a stack in the corner

Never stop having fun

Historical Pics on

I so love this picture, look at how happy she is--a freaking great grandma jumping rope // Black and White Photo


Ah, the romance of travel. In my head, I'm always Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Here are my tips for travelling light with style.

Cool pic of some "broken in" cons.

"Hey now you're an All Star Get your game on, go play Hey now you're a Rock Star Get the show on, get paid And all that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold." All Star - Smash Mouth


Coco chanel, i used to want to be a fashion designer, but my dreams have changed. i still love fashion though. Christy Turlington by Steven Meisel, Vogue Italy, 1992 - Paris

Ojos de Videotape by La hija de la lagrima via flickr

''Ojos de Videotape / 'Videotape Eyes'' by Florencia Muriel, ☚ This photograph is unique. I think it's interesting how she has the VHS tape as her eyes. It's also clean and simple.

What to Pack for New Zealand Teen Edition Packing Light #packinglight #travellight #travel #traveltips

What to Pack for New Zealand Teen Edition