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    Helga Kann, little German Jewish girl. Photo taken before WW2, nothing else is known. She likely perished in the Holocaust.

    Freezing Experiments during the Holocaust | 457716578_f3fbd55722.jpg

    Revenge at Birkenau: Jewish dancer and actress shoots SS man Schillinger fatally and injures SS man Emmerich on 10/23/43 in the undressing room of crematorium II before she and her fellow women were to be gassed. She did a strip tease in front of the lecherous Schillinger in order to distract him and grab his gun. She shot both men after successfully grabbing it.

    A picture of Jewish children from Denmark that were rescued by the Danes and sent to a children's home in Sweden. Much of Denmark's Jewish citizens were saved due to the Danes' refusal to cooperate with the Nazis and their heroic efforts to sneak them out of the country.

    The Jewish parents of these adorable little two year-old girls, Eva and Leana Munzer, left them with a non-jewish family to take care of them. Then the husband and wife had a fight, and the husband betrayed them to the SS, who captured the girls and sent them to Auschwitz, where they - like most small children - were gassed upon arrival. Their little brother, Alfred, however, survived.

    Hanna Lehrer, a Munich Jew, wears both her personal Jewish star around her neck and the mandated Yellow Star badge identifying her, isolating her, and alienating her from other Germans. Hanna was later sent to Riga, Latvia, where she was killed.

    A Jewish woman running screaming through a Lvov street during the pogroms of early July 1941.Ukrainian youths, one holding a stick, are chasing her.On June 30, 1941, Lvov was conquered by the Germans. Pogroms against the Jews began that day, carried out by Ukranian civilians and the German Einsatzgruppe C. The Ukrainians were incited by rumors that the Jews had participated in the murders of Ukrainian political prisoners in the Soviet regime's. In few days, some 4,000 Jews were killed.

    A woman in Nazi occupied Poland by German Photographer Hugo Jaeger. Despite the awfulness of her predicament, this Jewish woman manages to smile brightly for the camera. Haunting.

    Lepa Svetozara Radić (1925–1943) was a partisan executed at the age of 17 for shooting at German soldiers during WW2. As her captors tied the noose around her neck, they offered her a way out of the gallows by revealing her comrades and leaders identities. She responded that she was not a traitor to her people and they would reveal themselves when they avenged her death. She was the youngest winner of the Order of the People's Hero of Yugoslavia, awarded in 1951.

    Jewish children inside the Warsaw Ghetto hold up their hats for bits of food tossed over the wall by kind, and brave, passers-by. Anyone, Pole, Jew, or German, could face summary execution if caught throwing food into the Ghetto.

    The few "lucky" ones: A Jewish woman and her daughter after their release from a German slave labor camp. They worked at an ammunition plant.

    *Late 1930's - German, Austrian and Czechoslovakian children of Jewish descent were permitted to leave their countries and families on the Kindertransport; a train bound for Britain. These children ranged in age from infant to 17 and were placed with families in Britain. Many never saw their parents again.

    Irena Sendler was a Polish Catholic social worker. During World War II, she was a member of the Polish Underground and the Żegota Polish anti-Holocaust resistance in Warsaw. She helped save 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto by providing them with false documents and sheltering them in individual and group children’s homes outside the ghetto. Despite being tortured and imprisoned, she continued to do all she could to help Jewish children in Warsaw. She survived and lived to old age.

    Portrait of three-year-old Anna Glinberg, a Jewish child who was later killed during the mass execution at Babi Yar.

    An emaciated Jew from the Lodz ghetto in German occupied Poland awaits deportation to the Chelmno Extermination Camp in Poland.

    Evelyn Nesbit The 14 year old girl was raped by a 47 year old man and her mentally ill husband later killed rapist in revenge. Look her up.She has a very interesting history.


    Jewish prisoners at the moment of their liberation from a death train near the Elbe

    Boruch Spiegel, in 1939 at the age of 19, who was one of the last surviving members of the Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto. Mr. Spiegel was on guard duty and gave the signal to attack the German army as they came liquidate the ghetto in April 1943. The ghetto residents antagonized the Nazis for 28 days. Mr. Spiegel escaped to safety and joined the Polish resistance. He died on May 7, 2013 at the age of 93.