Helga Kann, little German Jewish girl. Photo taken before WW2, nothing else is known. She likely perished in the Holocaust.

Angeline, Chief Seattle's daughter,1893

Baranow, Poland, Two Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust.

World War II

Revenge at Birkenau: Jewish dancer and actress shoots SS man Schillinger fatally and injures SS man Emmerich on 10/23/43 in the undressing room of crematorium II before she and her fellow women were to be gassed. She did a strip tease in front of the lecherous Schillinger in order to distract him and grab his gun. She shot both men after successfully grabbing it.

*Late 1930's - German, Austrian and Czechoslovakian children of Jewish descent were permitted to leave their countries and families on the Kindertransport; a train bound for Britain. These children ranged in age from infant to 17 and were placed with families in Britain. Many never saw their parents again.

Ruth Shternheld, daughter of Hella Freidlander and Izidor Shternheld. Ruth Shternheld was born on Passover 1939, and perished in Treblinka, in 1942.

Lubny, Ukraine, A Jewish Woman Sitting With Her Children Before Their Execution Photographs Film and Photo Archive, Yad Vashem All rights reserved


Hanna Lehrer, a Munich Jew, wears both her personal Jewish star around her neck and the mandated Yellow Star badge identifying her, isolating her, and alienating her from other Germans. Hanna was later sent to Riga, Latvia, where she was killed.

Evelyn Nesbit The 14 year old girl was raped by a 47 year old man and her mentally ill husband later killed rapist in revenge. Look her up.She has a very interesting history.

A woman in Nazi occupied Poland by German Photographer Hugo Jaeger. Despite the awfulness of her predicament, this Jewish woman manages to smile brightly for the camera. Haunting.

Felice Rahel Schragenheim was a Jewish resistance fighter during World War II. She is known for her tragic love story with Lilly Wust and death during a march from Gross-Rosen concentration camp to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany or, not later than, March 1945 in Bergen-Belsen.

Anton Schmid (January 9, 1900 – April 13, 1942) was a German sergeant (feldwebel) who, during World War II in Vilnius, Lithuania, was executed by his superiors for helping 250 Jewish men, women, and children escape from extermination by the Nazi SS during the European Jewish Holocaust.

The few "lucky" ones: A Jewish woman and her daughter after their release from a German slave labor camp. They worked at an ammunition plant.

During World War II, Josephine Baker served with the French Red Cross and was an active member of the French resistance. Using her career as a cover Baker became an intelligence Medal of the Resistance in 1946. In 1961 she received the highest French honor, the Legion d'Honneur from French president Charles deGaulle.

Portrait of three-year-old Anna Glinberg, a Jewish child who was later killed during the mass execution at Babi Yar.

Oskar Schindler

The photo is one of a series showing women being stripped, harassed and chased by civilians as chaos led to rapes and killings after the Germans captured Lviv Ukraine from the Soviets. 1941