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Top 5 Potentially Habitable Alien Planets #space #astronomy #science

Potentially habitable exoplanets. This is cool, but here's an idea: Save this planet so we don't need to use these planets

Exoplanets , Astronomy , science , planets , space

The Top 5 Potentially Habitable #Alien Planets

Summary of the top 5 'habitable planets'. Ps. Things are advancing so fast with recent discoveries with the Kepler Probe that we now already have an even stronger candidate than these five, Kepler-186f (see next pin on this Board), inside the Goldilocks Zone for the Red Dwarf Star it orbits & just 10% more massive than Earth. Place your bets please!

Scientists have only searched through a tiny fraction of our galaxy, and with the fast advances in technology, we can expect many more interesting discoveries in the future. But for now, check out the handy infographic below, courtesy of, displaying all known types of alien worlds.

The Strangest Exoplanet Ever To read the full article, see: www.fromquarkstoq...

How Habitable Zones for Alien Planets and Stars Work by Karl Tate, Infographics Artist   |   December 11, 2013

Our nearest single Sun-like star hosts five planets - one of which is in the "habitable zone" where liquid water can exist, astronomers say.