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Elephant King 5x7 Sepia Print

Balance- This piece has an asymmetrical balance, all the attention is drawn to the elephant on the right side, while the negative space with a light cream color deserves no attention, The crown carries weight with it's color, drawing attention and then following the ears and moving downward. The elephant carries all the weight.

Add Height And Drama To Your Bathroom Makeover By Raising Your Shower Curtain Rod To Ceiling Height

Like the idea of hanging a shower curtain higher than curtains. Makes the ceilings look higher.

DX Friendships end. But you move on. You make new friends. You've probably been doing this your entire life. In a few years, the problems you're experiencing right now won't even matter. So don't sweat it, it will all be okay. :)

calystarose: youknowyoureatexanwhen: submitted by Okay, so that’s two words that I say in ‘southern’. Pecan (peecan irritates the fuck out of me) and y’all because we do actually need a plural second person pronoun. When I lived in New Orleans I was taught “puh-con” because, quote, “a pee can is something you keep under your bed.”

101 Reasons You Should Live In Texas At Least Once In Your Life

101 Reasons You Should Live In Texas At Least Once In Your Life. Psst check out the shout out to Denton on # 89.