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    • Tara Wasylyshyn

      Penguins victim of an oil spill in New Zealand require help to keep warm. SO THEY KNITTED LITTLE PENGUIN SWEATERS!!!!

    • Tracy Marie

      penguins in sweaters | Cute Penguins in Sweaters – New Zealand

    • Bayle Doetch

      a bath and a cozy sweater

    • Marcus Moura

      Many blue penguins were caught in a recent oil spill off the coast of New Zealand and a yarn store called Skeinz has come to their rescue. They came up with the idea to knit sweaters for the affected penguins who are waiting to be scrubbed clean, this way they won’t injest the oil when they preen themselves. Sweaters have been pouring in from all over! What a wonderfully creative way to help!

    • Nina H

      Remember, on October 5th, a container ship ran agroud near the east coast of the New Zealand's North Island. As the NZ Environment Minister said, this oil spill may be 'the most significant maritime evironment disaster'. Skeinz store (wool seller) has been contacted to help. Indeed, the penguins are soaked with oil and clean themselves licking, swallowing toxic hydrocarbons. The store put a call for knitters to make little jumpers stopping the animals from getting cold before and after rescue workers do what they can to clean them up and to avoid the birds preening themselves. text by fruityknit

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