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New relationship status icons

New Relationship Status Icons

funny sayings and jokes about relationships :-) Seriously the story of my life right now

Best friend quotes

Finding and having true friends quotes and sayings with images that are funny and inspirational. You know your fake and true friends quotes with pictures.

Strangers think I'm quite, my friends think I'm out going, my best friends think that I'm completely insane.  thedailyquotes.com

funny sayings - Bing Images This is tru, This is tru

These people are going places; not college, but places. People are dumb

These people are going places; not college, but places.

21 Dumbest and Most Clueless Customers in the World. Retail Workers Will Understand. Retail customers are the worst.

The last one might just become my new mantra

Funny Jokes Pictures And Quotes. QuotesGram joke,laugh,Humor– Life is too short to be serious…. Inspirational Really Funny Jokes And Quotes.


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