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    Silkie Chicken- They look so cute!


    Bantam Rooster


    White Silkie Chicken

    polish frizzle bantam

    Chicken: Polish Frizzle Bantam White

    Chicken Pics: Photos of Popular Chicken Breeds (and all things Chicken!): Bantams (What exactly is a Bantam or Banty?)

    White Silkie Bantams

    chicken breeds

    Silkie Chicken by mypetchicken: Loved not only for their appearance but for their docility and friendliness! #Chicken #Silkie_Chicken #mypetchicken

    Booted Bantam, also called the Dutch Booted Bantam, is a bantam breed of chicken. Its name is derived from the bird's extravagant feathering on the feet and hock joints, which are called vulture hocks or "sabels" in Dutch. With no large fowl counterpart from which it was miniaturized, the Booted is one of the true bantams. Males usually weigh in at around 850 grams (30 ounces) and females 750 grams (27 ounces).


    LACED ORPINGTON BANTAM imported how beautifully feathered!


    A bantam splash cochin pullet

    silkie chickens

    Chicken Breed blue silkie hen, I WILL FIND this one!! love them!!