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    How to Stop Hunger Pains When Dieting

    by Jill Corleone
    When you go on a diet, no doubt you're excited to lose weight. In fact, you're probably so eager that you're willing to cut way back on what you normally eat so you lose weight faster. While your intentions may be in the right place, your eagerness to lose weight may lead to extreme hunger pains. Th...

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    When you feel hunger pains, fight them in a healthy way with these tips!

    If you feel like you're always hungry, you need to find out why! Read here to see why you may have hunger pains:

    Very good article explaining carbohydrates. Good and bad. Also the best sources to eat for optimal nutrition.

    Physical v. Emotional Hunger

    Zero calorie foods! Ever have those days where you can't get rid of the hunger pains? Enjoy these foods without the guilt that comes with overindulging!

    Grainless Protein-Packed Breakfast: chia seeds, buckwheat groats & hemp seeds.

    If I had this, maybe I'd be more motivated to work out....haha

    A hunger scale--learn to distinguish between true hunger that necessitates eating and the right amount of fullness to stop eating. | via SparkPeople

    "The pain of self-discipline is always less than the pain of regret."

    Rowing is the most painful sport known, it works so many muscles that the lactic acid builds up everywhere... But you know once you start there is nothing that can stop you

    Suffer the Pain of Discipline or Suffer the Pain of Regret - Motivation - Quote