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No, Hillary Clinton is not the first woman to be nominated by a political party for president. Victoria Woodhull was, and she didn't even have the right to vote, nor did her running mate, Frederick Douglass. Her story is a hell of a lot more inspiring than Hillary Clinton's, Victoria Woodhull wasn't part of a political machine, she was a champion of women's suffrage at a time when such a notion was extraordinarily unpopular. Heads up the caption is from the person i shared this picture…

The Huffington Postfrom The Huffington Post

Pictures Of The Day: 17th June 2013

This doesn't even need a caption.

Now that Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, I should build a bomb shelter. .

Well Obama did say it was our biggest threat....

My Modern Metfrom My Modern Met

Giant Globe Emanates A Fiery Blaze

In London and Berlin-based Palestinian artist Mona Hatoum's sculptural work titled "Hot Spot", we are presented with a massive cage-like metallic globe radiating a crimson glow. In terms of global politics and news, a "hot spot" generally refers to an area of conflict. Hatoum's piece highlights every land mass by outlining it in a neon red light that fills the room with an overwhelming scarlet hue. The structure seems to suggest that these neon contoured areas are the "hot spots" of the…

Says the conservative pinner who ventures to gay and lesbian boards to defend bigotry. Practice what you preach! But then again, they never do. Conservative hypocrites!

...this is the definition of what it means to be a Liberal. Many Conservatives; however, hang on the definition of Liberalism as defined by Fox News. I'm with Bill Maher on this one, Fox ( anything but actual ) News is polarizing our nation and a big part of the reason why we are so divided today.


He Neiled it

Neil deGrasse Tyson. He has a new show, Cosmos, and it is great. Even grade school kids can get something good out of it.