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      Construcción y eficiencia energética #infografia #infographic #medioambiente

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      How energy efficient buildings work #infographic #eco-friendly Groen Builders - Building Green, Building to Last

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    Social networks are a great place to gather inspiration for home decorating — whether you’re crafting a picture frame or remodeling your entire kitchen.

    Love those 4-Legged Friends, it’s good for you! Pet owners have lower blood pressures and heart rates. [1] Owning a pet can improve your social life. [1] In the U.S., about 63% of households have a pet. [2] Household pet ownership has risen by 2.1%, according to the 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey. [3]

    The pandemic of addiction in America is continuing to grow, leaving thousands of victims in its wake. While we continue to fight the war on drugs, its shocking to see who is impacted by addiction and what it's costing the country.

    Every business owner wishes they could find a way to cut down on costs while maintaining a high quality standard. You could be asking yourself now where you might be wasting your hard-earned dollar, but even if your already think you have a great set up, it never hurts reevaluate.

    As our love of mobile devices grows, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that we’re also consuming more media via those smaller screens. But when you start digging into the numbers, the actual amount that we’re preferring to use them is somewhat staggering.

    From San Francisco all the way to Singapore, Spaceway show you the best and some of the most inspiring ways to make your building energy efficient.

    Inception Infographic - Pretty Genius

    Planning to hit the road on your holidays this year? Depending on which European country you're driving in, the rules and regulations of the road can vary. Use this guide to find out a country's speed limit, drinking limit, and other traveller essentials.

    Hollywood Teeth Whitening Secrets

    Unable to pay off your credit card, medical debt or even your house payment? As debt adds up and collectors are knocking at your door, you could be facing having to file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

    While every country would like to think of themselves as being ahead of the times setting the trends for the rest of the world to follow, it’s probably safe to say that the US is leading the race in many areas.

    How to Properly Use Sunscreen

    The rise of financially liberated and positive singles in the UK has implications for home buying. Where are all these singles going to live? Singles living in multiple occupant shared homes, or MOSHers, are reshaping the traditional household and how friends handle finances together.

    These days the economy and employment is a huge concern for many. Being unemployment is not an easy time for anyone and can lead to filing personal bankruptcy and maybe even losing your possessions.

    Many celebrities make a lot of money on the road to success but many find themselves having to declare bankruptcy when the money runs out. Check out this infographic, you’ll learn a little more about the celebrities that have become so well known, only to lose it all.

    It’s always a good time to drink and have a great time with friends and family. But deciding to drink and drive is not a good idea, it could lead to injuring yourself or others if you get into a drunk driving accident . Getting a DUI is not an easy time emotionally or physically.

    Plenty of people around the UK are looking for work. But are there enough jobs to go around? Our interactive infographic looks at the rate of unemployment around the UK and how many positions there are available to job seekers.

    We look at how much tax makes up the cost of a litre of fuel in the UK - and how this compares to other countries.

    The rising cost of fuel is affecting millions of people worldwide. We need petrol to run our cars, aeroplanes, and industries. So where does all that fuel come from, how does it get to your local pump and how does the cost breakdown?

    Driving has its risks wherever you are, but some European countries have better road safety records than others. This interactive graphic looks at the rate of road-related fatalities around Europe.