Idea pic - looks awesome!

Posed skeletons #halloweendecorations #posableskeletons #halloweenyarddecorations #skellies #skeletons


Halloween Count Down Clock Prop - DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Props

Loralee Lewis

This is brilliant: Spooky Crystal Ball Candlesticks, using graphics printed on transparencies & Christmas ornaments! (Full tutorial at link.)

Standing Tall (Scott Smith Sculptures) Antique fence posts serve as elevation and interesting backdrops for the moon, goblin, and crow sculptures on the mantel. Faux twigs and ar...

Prop Showcase: Grandfather Clock Cardboard and Dollar Store Items I made this also from card board boxes,small chain to hang small skulls on, it tuned out great

Doll Heads = Creepy dolls! Looks like they might be on a flashlight that is wrapped in white tissue.

by Scott Smith

vintage inspired

Halloween Tombstone by Spyderwood - Doesn't show how to make the one in the picture but still great how-to's


Artwork by Cali Lee


Other Apothecary Jar Labels

spooky clock Halloween card

William Bezek!

Shrunken Heads in Cider. 2 cups spiced rum, 2 gallons apple cider, 2 cans frozen lemonade concentrate, 32 whole cloves, 8 large granny smith apples, 2 tbsp coarse salt and 2 cups of lemon juice.