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"I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them." OH MY GOD SHERLOCKIANS AND WHOVIANS THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(tags: Hey Girl, Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch, police)

I've always thought that people on tumblr were cruel. Thank you for the final proof.

my pin is cooler then your pin, LIV! Hmmm, sorry not quite. (Sherlock bbc is really a show about epic facial expressions)

"imply much?" - Omg. *facepalm* How did I not even get the implication in this scene?! I assumed he was implying Sherlock couldn't possibly have actual friends. Well, this changes every time I've ever heard the "friend/colleague" exchange take place, lol.

Somebody loves you. If I had to punch that face, I'd avoid the nose and teeth too.

Just Sherlock being Sherlock… so, confession, i only just watched the first Sherlock (which this quote is from) and it's AWESOME!

Twas a great season for humorous Sherlock faces. | Benedict has the best derp faces. Ever.

Terry Pratchett quote. With Sherlock. This makes me very very happy.