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    DIY Thrift Store TV Tray Makeover

    Harness hyperfocus -- that amazing but elusive ADHD ability to tune out distractions and get things done.

    DIY Carousel Table Lamp (via Smagaprojektanci on Etsy)

    How to remove grease and stains on glassware.

    The best medicine for a tight neck and back... Forward fold. Add a heated room and amazing spine decompression!!!

    Locust Pose, also known as Salabhasana, is one of the best #yoga moves for people with desk jobs. It really stretches out your neck, shoulders, and upper back, and gives your glutes a boost too! |

    Love this pose: Plow Pose (Halasana): Plow Pose is considered therapeutic for sinusitis, but this pose might feel uncomfortable if your back or hamstrings are really tight. If so, you can always bend your knees and place them next to your ears as a variation. What to Do: Either fall back into Plow Pose from shoulder stand, or roll on your back and swing your legs over your head to come into Plow. Stay in the pose and breathe for one minute.

    Shoulder and Neck Stretching Backbend: Known as Half Wheel in the yoga world, this ab stretch will increase flexibility in your spine, and also stretch out your shoulders and the back of your neck.

    Yoga Poses For Neck Pain

    Stretches to Relieve a Sore Neck Instantly: seated neck release, seated clasping neck stretch, behind the back neck stretch, grounded tipover tuck, seated heart opener, bridge,

    Back and neck stretches 5-10 minutes a day 3 days a week....perfect for my stiff neck and back as a hairstylist :)

    We All Know That Guy...


    Funny and true!

    My sister @Bethany made this card for me for my birthday last year. It's the coolest card I've ever received. So creative! Easy bunting birthday card- cut scrap paper triangles and glue to backside of ribbon -glued tiny clothes pins (from scrapbooking section at craft store) to paper, and small white letter stickers for message on banner.

    The People's Roast

    Pinner says:This blog is amazing. All about camping with babies and toddlers. She has a 4 year old and they go out to the Rockies every weekend, year round. And they're from Calgary. Best find ever.

    Lily & Thistle: A Quick Trick for damaged wood. I can't believe how well this worked. Mix together 1/4 cup of canola/olive oil and 3/4 cup vinegar. Dip a rag in it and simply wipe.

    47 skills you need to survive home ownership.

    Food Passport! You write down 50 local places you've never been and then visit throughout the year as a date - no more "You choose." "No, you choose." This. Is. Amazing.

    picture shapes - what an amazing idea, i would have never thought of that!


    You put in a city or zip code and it tells you where the thrift shops are in that area along with ratings.