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“What are the balloons for?” “My daughter just graduated from 8th grade.” “Holy crap! You must really love your daughter.” “…I do.”

Her mother asked if she wanted to take a photo. She responded with frantic nodding.

so beautiful | mr marley + his daughter..what a unique photo

First Lady Obama and her mom, Mrs Robinson

Helen Williams (mother of Vanessa Williams) a successful model in the 50's and 60's

“What’s your greatest struggle?” “My sister and I are nearly 60. My mother is 83. We’re not destitute or anything, but we don’t really have a stash. So there’s not really room for anything to go wrong. And all of us are aging, so I have plenty to worry about. I’ve really followed my whims in life, which has been great. But while my friends were buying houses, I was travelling the world and having experiences. It’s been great, and I’ve seen a lot. But ..