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“We’re heading to the Whitney.” “What’s happening at the Whitney tonight?” “…art.”

Humans of New York: "What are their superpowers?" "This one can talk any enemy to death. And this one can knock her sister over

Before every move, the boy would put his hand on a piece, and the man would shake his head “yes” or “no.”

“Why are you dancing?” “I just saw my wife across the street.”

Me: “Are you married?” Man: “No, we’re lovers.” [laughter] Woman: “He wasn’t joking.”

“I took a trip to Israel for a couple weeks and somehow ended up in India. I was out of of money, so I designed my own vests and sold them until I could afford to get home.” You can check out her vests here: http://www.facebook.com/TouchofParvati

Paul Strand

Humans of New York: "Before them, I didn’t realize that I could value someone more than myself."

If we go to new york together, we can dress like them. Naturally, you'd be the one in head to toe green.

The Storm Bringer

“I’m a mathematician and a painter, and this is a very special lady. When I lived in Sarasota, she and her husband really encouraged my work. They took me to poetry readings and introduced me to the art scene. Now she is visiting New York to attend the opening of my show.”

Humans of New York

“16 years.”

“What’s your greatest struggle?” “My sister and I are nearly 60. My mother is 83. We’re not destitute or anything, but we don’t really have a stash. So there’s not really room for anything to go wrong. And all of us are aging, so I have plenty to worry about. I’ve really followed my whims in life, which has been great. But while my friends were buying houses, I was travelling the world and having experiences. It’s been great, and I’ve seen a lot. But ..

“Just heading back from the bar. I’m not the kind of girl who needs a wingman.”

Humans of New York

I think that, between the three of them, all of the colors in the crayon box have been covered.

Humans of New York

“I’m a sculptor.” “What kind of sculptures do you make?” “Well, it’s a visual art. I’m not exactly going to be able to use words to transfer what’s in my head to your head.”

Her mother asked if she wanted to take a photo. She responded with frantic nodding.

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