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    “We’re heading to the Whitney.” “What’s happening at the Whitney tonight?” “…art.”

    “I’m a mathematician and a painter, and this is a very special lady. When I lived in Sarasota, she and her husband really encouraged my work. They took me to poetry readings and introduced me to the art scene. Now she is visiting New York to attend the opening of my show.”

    Paul Strand

    “What kind of art do you make?” “I like lines. Lots of lines.”

    If we go to new york together, we can dress like them. Naturally, you'd be the one in head to toe green.

    “I’m a sculptor.” “What kind of sculptures do you make?” “Well, it’s a visual art. I’m not exactly going to be able to use words to transfer what’s in my head to your head.”

    “Just heading back from the bar. I’m not the kind of girl who needs a wingman.”

    I had a few appointments yesterday, so I wasn't able to get a full day of shooting. I decided to head out late for a second shift, to see if I could find a few more portraits in midtown. I found this man around 11pm. He was sitting off on his own in Bryant Park, working on his computer. "Do you mind if I take your photo?" I asked. "What for?" "I run a site called Humans of New York...I've taken 5,000 street portraits of people around the city. He'd been looking at HONY. HONY

    “I was trying to get a job as a waiter and they wanted a sample of my hair so they could test it for drugs. I said, ‘I’ve got no problem with that cause I don’t put drugs on my head, I put them in my nose.’”

    Before every move, the boy would put his hand on a piece, and the man would shake his head “yes” or “no.”

    Humans of New York

    “So what’s your story?” “I’m just an old lady.” “Oh c’mon.” “I used to be head of the collections department for National Cash Register, but they’re long gone now.”

    Humans of New York: "I have a neck injury so I had to tone it down this year."

    "I did 8.5 years on an attempted murder charge." "What happened?" "Some thirty year old dude kept harassing my twelve year old sister. He’d wait outside her school and invite her to parties. So I tried to kill him."

    This man passed by me on Jefferson Street. I gave him a weak, tight-lipped smile—nothing special. He put his hand over his heart, bowed, and said: “Bless you.” Made me wish I’d smiled bigger.

    Me "What's your favorite thing about your brother?" Red Glasses: "He plays with me." Blue Glasses: "Don't forget I'm a good speller." Red Glasses: "Oh yeah." Blue Glasses: "I help him with his homework. A lot."

    Whenever I draw pictures of people, Nana helps me color them to make them fancy!

    "Do you mind if I take your photo?" “I’m late for a show. You can try while I hail a cab.” Humans of New York Blog

    “Do you mind if I take your photograph? I run a popular website called…” “I don’t give a damn!”

    I went on a tour of Italy when I was younger, and when I saw The Coliseum in Rome, I said to myself: It doesn't look like I imagined. A stranger standing next to me thought I was talking to him. We got married exactly one year later.

    He won the Best Legs Competition on our cruise ship.