I love Ron Weasley! :)


Weasley Tree.

haha harry potter(:

You tell those spider's Ron!

Weasley is our king!

Keep Calm HP Poster

Follow the spiders - Harry Potter party decoration ideas

Mrs. Weasley's Howler to Ron.

Ron and Hermione text messages.

From Knight To King *claps* Bravo!! Perfect wording - I couldn’t have put it better myself…that is phenomenal!

Oh Ron. :)

Harry Potter fandom rings I want Hermione's, Dumbledore's, the Twins and Ron's!

Mr. Weasley

when you're sad, just remember that's ya the dementor's fault and it is perfectly fine to eat CHOColate #quote #dabest #food #harrypotter #potterhead #potterquote


Snape: In another life. Don't know the artist. Excuse me while I cry.

The Potter/Weasley family

Gotta love Ron.