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    Use an empty toilet paper roll to print your very own fabric!

    DIY Cushion for bench seat~Attach the foam to a piece of plywood using spray adhesive. Then, wrap the plywood and foam with cotton batting and staple on the fabric.

    This old shutter was painted and repurposed to be a DVD holder.

    Rainy Day Kid Craft - create a rug using a Hoola Hoop and old shirts

    Looks much better than pictures hanging w/ magnets - use dollar store frames, paint them and put magnets on the back.

    Take a swim noodle from the dollar store and duct tape it together! A 17" wreath, ready to cover how you choose.

    Create an image on a favorite book page with sharpie and white-out to frame for your room

    Cute cupcake tower from cardboard and soup cans!

    snowman feet...

    First Year Canvas.

    These are the cardboard paintable letters you can get at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Stack them and make a cool vertical word.

    Cover a toilet paper tube in peanut butter and roll in bird seed. Then just slide it on a branch.

    Mason jar spray painted with Krylon

    calendar: paint samples under a picture frame - use a dry erase marker on the glass.

    Gourds. make fairy houses

    Another "Why didn't I think of that?" brilliant.

    glitter in salt shakers... how smart is that??

    1.Apply layer of cheesecloth to Styrofoam mannequin head, generously sponge brush head & face w/ glue (water-down, fabric stiffener). Use hands to smooth cloth into facial features. stop at chin level so the fabric is loose below that. 2.Repeat for 4 layers (each 7 feet long) of cheesecloth. Let dry (No need to dry between layers.) 3.Tatter edges of cloth w/ scissors if desired. Attach screw eye w/ glue to the top of head; thread w/ monofilament to hang from hooks (command)

    How to 'braid' the collar of a plain tee - almost no sewing


    gorgeous + innovative fill stitch.