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we are all so busy is being someone else that we lost our own identity ..the real us with in pursuit of happiness we lost individuality

Old/Antique Skull Optical Illusion Postcard Postmarked - April 8, 1910

28th April 2011 by Graphic Nothing, via Flickr

You need to click the pin to make the optical illusion bigger then scroll up and down. I LOVE IT.

Mati Suri Poster Illusion: Definitely a case for preop sedation. #Mati_Suri #Illusion #Photography #moillusions

optical weirdness@tracypillarinos

The impossible cylinder (a double-twist Moebius ring)

Bertolt Brecht - Matka Courage. Polish book cover from the 1970s and 80s by Witold Gombrowicz.