:' ) breaks my heart everytime

THIS! proposal and a puppy! sooooo cute!

Wow! White lion

This puppy makes me smile!

Stairs are hard

Amazing Creatures: 30 Funny animal captions - part 11 (30 pics)

Who doesn't smile while looking at this?


to help through mondays.

So sweet, father & son...

Baby animals! Tiny turtle about to eat a strawberry 5 times bigger than its head ... So cute! #Babyanimals #Babyturtle #turtles #JungleJim

An elephant having the most fun you can possibly have with a ribbon. | 25 Animal GIFs That Will Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart

Chimp and his Kitten

Such a heart warming story. Xxoo Awesome story, faith in humanity restored…It just makes my heart happy. :)

Repinning forever because this is so heart wrenching and horrible but gives so much hope. I cry every time I see it. ♥

Horse Saves Blind Dog from Drowning! A dog named Abby is lucky to be alive after a horse came to her rescue during her greatest time of need. More to the story when you click the photo...

And...now...I'm crying

Heartwarming story of a great dane and a friend. So sweet.

Be warned this WILL make you cry... I cried like a baby

Bath Time for Baby Sloths | Too Cute - YouTube