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Awesome. Beatles right before the Abbey Road shoot.

Carli Smith Stickels we should totally do this! while munching on some dill pickle chips...

Too funny...I could hear Emma and Maggie saying this to a child...Annalisa Myers &Destinee Myers

ahh, the famous duck face. its called the duck face for a reason. . . you look like a duck! and thats not a good thing.

SeattleInsider: What's Wrong With This Photo? |

why am i laughing so hard right now?<--omg, because it's funny...and I'm crying I'm laughing so hard.

Bahahahahahahaha! ... click this image for lots more

Haha | CostMad do not sell this idea/product. Please visit our blog for more funky ideas

I know I would if I were a kindergarten teacher...

My favorite thing about Kermit…I wish I could make that face

why can't I stop laughing?!? Answer: Because he's making the most hideous faces that are so hilarious.

So that's what happened to the unicorns...