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    Anatomy of Graphic Design.

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    Ascender - Any part of a lower case letter which rises above the main body of the letter such as in "d", "b" and "h". Typography: Anatomy of a Letterform - Designmodo

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    Typeface Anatomy

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    type anatomy

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I particularly like this example of typography particularly enjoyable. The different text makes it different and visually appealing and I find it poetic that the words of different fonts all convey the same idea.

betype: Cofee Typography. - Good typography

I like the hand-drawn alphabet. Each character has its unique appearance and the white and black contrast adds to its shadow.

Brian- this seems to be the very current font. Every 'new' company (or church) seems to look like this

Why, thank you. I like the angling of the words, it actually cements the fact that someone probably wrote this by hand, or at least gives off the very strong impression.

I need this in high res, blown up and framed above my desk (:

10 Free Script Typefaces

10 Free Script Typefaces


This would look cute!

So you need a typeface...

So you need a typeface...

Bureau Bruneau train set typeface, playful and nice to look at too!

standard typeface anatomy

BAseline Css

Designer: Anne Elser - annepages.blogspo...


Gorgeous print.

geometric headline typeface inspired by Century Gothic and Gotham

Cleveland Skyline via Type City Cleveland. Erin Pilawski. Cocktail Shaker typeface.