Tiny House Envy.

Tiny House.

Tiny House

Tiny House in the snow…

petite, petite, petite.

Tiny house!

Tiny house in the woods of Sonoma County, California. Photo by Benjamin Chun.

Tiny House.

The Small House Book (paperback) | Four Lights Tiny House Company


tiny house

A Caboose!!!!!!!

Tumbleweed Tiny House

A 64 Square Foot Solar Home...thinking how much fun my nieces would have with it as a play house :)

12 of the Most Impressive Tiny Houses You’ve Ever Seen

Awesome tiny homes

tiny house

Built in Oregon from scrap items.


mall house can mean a really cool home ! When you buy a smaller home you're paying less money for both the house itself and upkeep of that house. The basic design of a very small home includes a porch or deck, windows with a nice view of outside, mini kitchen and bathroom and minimal storage space. @ http://www.smallhousesnow.com/small-house-movement.htm