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fighting the law like a boss. He fought the law.He fought the law.

Oh my gosh. I was laughing so loud my daughter came out of her room to make sure I was laughing & not crying. I needed this today.

Parents who are trolls at heart…

esp the prom pics with dad in the background! The best kind of parenting. haha laughed so hard at this!

Onewstar: Vignetta

Funny pictures about Judge baby. Oh, and cool pics about Judge baby. Also, Judge baby.

« Excusez-moi monsieur. Auriez-vous un moment pour parler de Jésus Christ ? Monsieur ? »

Les trouvailles d’Internet pour bien commencer la semaine #105

angry hippo chasing man excuse me sir jesus christ animal funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos lol

Parenting Image Quotation #7 - QuotationOf . COM

Don't yell at your kids- lean in real close and whisper- its much scarier ……. It really works. Mine hates the look. "Don't look at me like that mommy" works every time and I don't say a word.


Hay gente mala y cruel, Denunciame si no te ries

Funny pictures about The Sniper Prank. Oh, and cool pics about The Sniper Prank. Also, The Sniper Prank photos.


Funny pictures about No dogs allowed. Oh, and cool pics about No dogs allowed. Also, No dogs allowed photos.

Haha, This is terrible! Pinning this for my Mom, her name is Brenda! lol!

Lock your doors, Brenda. Lock your doors.and get that restraining order.and maybe a dog. and a gun.

Effet indésirable et surprenant ; c'est ce qui s'appelle "se mettre la tête à l'envers !!!

Idk bout yoga but I'm definitely gunna exercise some vodka tonight All Things Dope. by gullysteez