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Lino stamp fabric printing tutorial

Fabric stamping one of my favorite ways to create a fabric with a special touch. For a crafty minds it's a really good fun! Its easy, quick and effective. For a fabric stamping you can use differen...
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Susan Lomuto - The more I played, the more I liked the idea of actually making a doodle in raw clay using cutters, and texture tools. Yes, this appealed to me. So I made several. The picture is a detail of a tile made with a zentangle texture plate.


after misting watercolor paper, press with paper towel to remove some ink and transfer pattern

by anastasia egorova; carve your own curved rubber mold

step by step collage stamping

feather stamp

stamping on tea bags

bunting flag stamps -set of 5

Colorfully original stamped designs using ordinary objects: a button, wine cork or toothpaste tube cap.

Block printing tutorial

stamping is so much fun

tiny pointed leaf

Print: Coral (Distichopea violacea) on handmade paper

little tall tree nature hand carved rubber stamp

little tree stamp set (3)

little round tree

WINTER STREET - hand carved rubber stamp set - 3 houses - 2 trees

Rubber Stamp Set: I love Geometry

Christmas Rubber Stamp // Sprig (bough)

Rubber Stamp: Agave Tree

Rubber Stamp: Corona meets sea urchin

Rubber Stamp: Flowers for you - Panicle

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