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I don't know where this is, but seeing as the closest beach is seven hours away, it falls into the travel category. Sometime in my lifetime, I must ride a horse in the ocean. Preferably one that looks like that.

glamping = glamorous camping. Resort style camping in Montana. horseback riding, ATV rides, white water rafting, fly fishing, hiking, hot air ballooning...all while eating well and sleeping comfortably. sign me up!

I love elephants. I do not support torture of any kind. I will not ride an elephant that has been trained by being tortured. Support cruelty free treatment to animals. Be the change.

This looks awesome, however......we did this on our honeymoon in Jamaica. It's great until the horse in front of you decides to poop, then your horse swims right for it and you are trying to hang on to your horse and avoid random poop bombs in the ocean. This picture is a LIE!

Horseback riding on the beach photography

horseback riding in Iceland - Character inspiration #writing #nanowrimo #blonde

I have checked riding on a beach off my bucket list, thanks to my amazing sister and brother in law who gave me the gift of riding on the North Sea of England!

Amanda WE ARE DOING THIS!!! <--- fun that this was the comment before I repinned this

One of my leisure interests is horseback riding. I am currently taking lessons and while I don't have a horse now, I would like to own one after college.

Really cool appy pattern Elmia by EllinorBergman, via Flickr

I taught Bubba to ride Speedy, What do you expect I had no human friends... Lol...