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  • Hillary Adkins

    This is what my hair looks like when it's humid. Hilarious!! I can't stop laughing! HAHAHA!

  • Amanda Lepper Hanes

    Just me, or is it humid today?... Curly hair problems

  • Stacie Mahuna

    Is it humid today? Angora rabbit. Never mind that I'm highly allergic - I'd cuddle this thing to death.

  • Gail Brown

    Fluffy bunny :) Is it humid today?

  • Kim Sells

    Is it humid today? It feels a bit humid to me. This is so what my curly hair looks like on a humid day

  • Agnes Bonds

    funny stuff and so true

  • ★kittymartini★

    I've seen this 100 times and it always makes me laugh. Finally going to pin it. Maybe it's the little voice I have given him that's so funny.

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Love that Kat Kitson saw this and thought of me :) So much truth.

Hahahahaha the faces you make while playing tennis xD

I'll do crazy stuff. I'll roll out of a moving car if I have to, I'll go sky diving, I'll do any thing. But this, this is a freaking death wish

Happy Beardmas. (I have to repin this as we are both cracking up in class)

I tell people that I can't sleep because I'm stressed out about "life". But really...

Oh my this reminds me of the skit that Jonah, Jacob, Dylan and Bowen did of Monty Python last year!! Jonah and the coconuts :'D

I work at a hotel. I tell people to have a nice trip home for the same reason lol

Gilmore Girls, Scandal, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, One Tree Hill and Buffy the Vampire Slayer!