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  • .Ray.Ray

    mini synth

  • Austin Shear

    sub vision brings together two elements: the sounds of the subharchord, an electro-acoustic instrument developed during the 1960s in east berlin and a processed visualization of illustrations of scientific experiments by werner meyer-eppler, a german physicist and theoretician of electro-acoustics.

  • KonradOldMoney

    I want this as my Living Room piece!

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realistic Carsten Nicolai: realistic documents the sound present in an exhibition space over a long period of time. a tape loop and a modified analogue tape recorder are used to continuously record noise contained in the space. since the erase head has been switched off, the recorded noise is being layered over and over again resulting in sound loops, which document site- and time-specific noise.

Carsten Nicolai, Anti, 2004. Regular geometric forms represent systematic thinking and the interrelationship between mathematics, optics, art and philosophy. anti is a geometrical form, a distorted cube, truncated on top and bottom to obtain rhombic and triangular faces.

Glass, Carsten Nicolai, Artist, Cluster, 2008, nickel silver, dimensions variable

There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of... - but does it float

Love the wood panel on this old synthesizer

carsten nicolai, installation, sculpt

The Weirdest Musical Instruments You'll Ever See | Co.Design | business + design

1961 Soviet Theremin built and owned by Lev Termen.

Do you play an instrument?!? I'm starting to learn the ukulele... I've never really played an instrument but I've always wanted to!

Theremin Artist Alexandra Stepanoff 1930 This really is the most amazing instrument ever!!

hexatron / cardboard model / dan mcpharlin