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Tornado Body Dryer: Dry your entire body without a towel -- while still in your warm shower enclosure! Well wouldn't this be nifty.

Northern Lights- Color Changing Tiles_ Black at room temperature and changed color with the water temperature. How crazy would that be with a multi-colored LED shower head? lol!


Contemporary Rain Shower Chrome Feature for LED / Rainfall , Shower Head

Shower Head with Color Changing LED Light.


Heat Sensitive Tile

Heat Sensitive Tile | Northern Lights Heat Sensitive Tile: Inspired by the stunning Northern Lights of Alaska. Or just generally super cool mood ring tiles! xD I want this!


Rainbow Shower Head

Rainbow shower head - Master bath

bathroom design. tiles, stone. marble. wallpaper, shower. bathtub. ceiling. lighting. glass. sanitary fittings and fixtures.

Interior Designfrom Interior Design

Turning Point: Minimal Toronto House by Paul Raff

Turning Point: Minimal Toronto House by Paul Raff | Projects | Interior Design - A child’s bathroom features glass mosaic tile. #paulraff #design #interiordesign #bathroom #bathroomdesign #tile

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15 Most Creative Sinks

15 Most Creative Sinks (cool sinks, aquarium sink) - ODDEE. (2009). Retrieved February 23, 2016, from

The Tulip is a bath/shower combo designed for small bathrooms. Inspired by tulip blooms, the pod like shape serves as a bath when open and as a shower when closed. In this upright position, the footprint is significantly reduced. This inspired and efficient use of space brings luxury features normally reserved for traditional units into the smallest bathrooms. Underwater jets, massagers and progra