Paint pots in whimsical colors and def only use in shaded are w shade loving plants if u live in a hot area! Those pots dry out super fast (even when painted) and the water would just spill out of the top. Could seal the inside w paint and spray sealer. Use water gel mixed w soil to hold in moisture.

DIY Fairy Gardens From Broken Pots

Stencil An Outdoor Planter. I would use glow in the dark paint to put the house number on a pot.

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Low-Budget DIY Garden Pots and Containers.

FOOTSTEPS . . . great decoration idea for the garden!

Clay Pot cake stand!

Cute idea!

how to grow flowers in flower pots

New summer landscaping ideas

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I may have to start looking for glassware so I can make some garden totems/bird baths. Great way to add color in a shady yard where flowers won't grow.

DIY Planter & Bird Bath

Hypertufa is a strong material but without all the weight of your traditional concrete. It's durable and doesn't require any maintenance or sealing throughout the seasons. Perfect right? The even better news is that it's extra easy to make. also follow the link and make pots

How to make your own stone flower pot

spring boots

Fantastic idea! Pound rebar 2 feet into ground and thread pots. Plant and have a pretty vertical garden.

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