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from Mail Online

Alessandra Ambrosio parades her long legs in super short mini dress

She's got it going on: With her long brunette locks cascading down past her shoulders, she showed off her natural beauty wearing minimal make-up

(Open gay RP. Be person A?) It's been such a slow day at the coffee shop. Sighing softly, I run a hand through my dyed blue hair and start to clean the counter. The door opens, the small bell ringing as it does so. I don't look up fully until the customer is right in front of me, and even then I just ramble off the typical greeting. "Welcome to Sweet Delights coffee shop." Our eyes lock and he smiles, and my brain practically shuts down. He's so handsome... I blush.

from Mail Online

Kendall Jenner shows off her perky assets in tight white top in Miami

Keeping it breezy: With her trainers in her hand, the barefoot beauty wore her raven locks tied up in an easy ponytail

Probably the biggest hit at the party ! Jell-O shots in syringes ! Just buy some regular liquid tip syringes or luer lock style (both work) I used both. The sizes of syringes I used where 30cc and 20cc, we only filled the 30cc to 20cc just so they were equal. Mix up your favourite jell-o mix and suck it into the syringes put in fridge to set and your done

If drinking coffee was a crime, we'd need to lock up half of the population, because people are just crazy for it! So crazy, that picking only 15 out of hundreds of gifts for coffee lovers was quite the task.

Missing our cozy weekend up in Park City + this delicious hot chocolate right about now!❤️ I looove hot chocolate, but I can never seem to finish it because it's so rich...which doesn't make sense because I can single-handedly down a box of donuts.☺️